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Our recommendations

Universities can and should amend their policies and practices to make their own research available open access – and avoid becoming entirely dependent on Read and Publish Agreements or other publisher-led open access initiatives. This can be done through proactive IP management and rights retention.

An overview of the problem of copyright in universities

General recommendations

Recommendations for IP management and model IP clauses

Australian Indigenous Research

A critical part of Australia’s research framework is Indigenous ownership of research by, with and about Australia’s Indigenous people.

In a recent article, we have explained relevant policies and targets, identifying ways to strengthen institutional commitments to meaningful engagement with, and implementation of, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research policy. We also suggest next steps that are needed to help researchers comply with funder and institution-mandated obligations and to empower Indigenous peoples to make informed decisions about the benefits of research collaboration with universities.

Please also see recommendations 5 – 7 in our General Recommendations for Research Management in Australian Universities, which are dedicated to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Collaborations.